Taliban Rebels Arrest Two Sons of a Local Former Commander in Badakhshan

Kabul – Local sources in Badakhshan province have reported that the Taliban fighters entered General Nazir Mohammad Niazi’s house, the former mayor of Badakhshan and one of the commanders of popular uprisings in the previous government, and arrested two of his young sons named Aman Niazi and Raz Mohammad Niazi.

The motive behind this cruel act by the Taliban is not clear yet.

Simultaneously, the Taliban fighters have carried out two operations by helicopter in Jozun area of ​​the 8th district of Faizabad city, the center of Badakhshan province, and have targeted several areas so far since this morning, sources have reported.

According to sources, the purpose of the operations is to arrest a commander of National Resistance Front forces who is accused of killing a commander affiliated with Taliban rebels.

Local Taliban members have not yet commented on the incident.

In another report, Taliban rebels have shot dead a worshiper during Taraweeh prayers in one of the villages of Badakhshan province.

In the very first days of the entrance to Kabul, the Taliban announced the general amnesty on the bases of which everyone, no matter of his or her profile will be safe. No rebel is authorized to torture or seek revenge without the order from the concerned justice department. In contrast to the announcement, no one in the country has been safe so far. Taliban rebels, on the bases of ethnic and former government affiliation, have been committing violations of human rights.

100s of individuals affiliated with the former government have been tortured, killed, and imprisoned by the rebels so far.

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