Security Departments Charge to Cooperate Collecting DABS Debt

KABUL (BNA) The Cabinet Economic Commission, presided by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar Deputy Prime Minister, charge security departments to cooperate utterly with Breshna’s debts from previous government officials and powerful individuals.
Da Afghan Breshna Sherkat says many government officials, companies and powerful individuals have not paid their electricity bills since the previous government, and millions of afghanis are owed by the company.
Failure to pay for electricity saving bills by government department and powerful individuals reduces Breshna’s revenue and makes services more difficult.
Breshna has previously publicized that it intends to sell the assets of its debtors in order to prevent the import of electricity.
Same like, today the cabinet Economic Commission meeting tasked the Bank to launch a regular mechanism to reduce and eliminate banking restrictions on state-owned companies.
In addition, the Economic Commission, based on 28 cabinets approved, instructed all ministries to prepare their economic and development projects and submit them to the high management of the Islamic Emirate for approval.

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