IEA calls for investors, says visas for foreigners will recommence

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has called on national and international agencies to start interacting with local traders and business owners and promised to start issuing visas to foreigners.
IEA officials said the ministry of mines and petroleum has been granted permission to secure contracts with domestic and foreign companies.
Officials said at a economy-focused meeting Monday that a process is being put into place for visas to be issued to foreigners. According to officials, contracts have already been signed with companies for the extraction of iron ore in Herat province and for the extraction of lead in Ghor province.
An IEA official said government is also looking at ways to issue visas for business owners arriving at Kabul airport.
“We know that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is working hard to develop bank accounts and investments in the country and has even provided some facilities in this regard, but we must raise this issue with the countries of the world so that investors and businessmen can be sure,” said Khan Jan Alokozay, a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment of Afghanistan.
Economic analysts have also urged government to encourage investment in the country and to assist domestic traders in order to restart the country’s economy.

“In the current situation the government must work hard to convince traders and people to invest in the country and provide them with more facilities for their investments,” said Sayed Rahman Imran, an economic analyst.The post IEA calls for investors, says visas for foreigners will recommence first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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