Decree on Prohibition of Poppy Cultivation Welcomed Internationally

KABUL (BNA) Amir al-Mominin’s supreme leader of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan recent decree prohibiting poppy cultivation and trafficking of narcotics in Afghanistan has been hailed nationally and internationally.

BNA Commentator: The Supreme leader recent decree on prohibition of poppy cultivation and trafficking of narcotics in the country have met with national and international reactions.

Abdul Hamid Khadem; university professor said that with the issuing of this decree, the hands of drug dealers in cities have been cut off and the opportunity has been taken for addicts to be able to obtain drugs freely. There is no opportunity for dealers to deal it freely.

Khadem hopes that with this effort, the city atmosphere will no longer be frequent and horrible in the presence of thousands of addicts, and people will no longer be watching the destruction of their children in the presence of the addictive disease.

He called on the authorities to accelerate the process of arresting and prosecuting drug dealers and smugglers in order to further implement this order, as a warning to those who afflict young people with addiction and gradual death.

Mohammad Ullah Fazel, an employee of the Ministry of Education, says that every morning he witness a crowd of addicts in the part of ​​Deh Afghanan and other parts of Kabul, worried about the future of his children, what would happen to their children in the face of such viciousness?

He says that with the implementation of this decree, there is hope for the future.

Speaking to the media, a number of farmers in different provinces have pledged to strictly follow the orders of Amir ul-Mominin, and have also asked Islamic Emirate officials to help them with poppy cultivation alternatives.

Outside of Afghanistan, the decree has been welcomed, with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) praising the ban on poppy cultivation in Afghanistan and calling on the Islamic Emirate to fully implement the ban on poppy cultivation in Afghanistan.

The organization also said that after this decision, the world will increase humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

The US Embassy in Afghanistan, currently based in Doha, Qatar, also welcomed the move, said Ian McCray. the act will help the Afghan economy and ultimately the Afghans to have a healthy and legal agricultural sector.

The Iranian government has also praised the UAE for this, saying it will work with Afghan farmers to obtain alternative crops.

Iskander Momeni, head of Iran’s Anti-Narcotics Headquarters, said that the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes any reduction in the production and cultivation of narcotics in Afghanistan and has held all necessary consultations with the international community in the past and present to discuss alternative cultivation, people’s livelihoods and Reduce drug production in Afghanistan.

On the other hand, the Islamic Emirate says that they are trying to provide suitable jobs for farmers as an alternative.

Bilal Karimi, the deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate, told the media: “We are trying to create an alternative in the ground of agriculture and job creation, and we will also try to implement the projects.”

The Supreme leader of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan issued a decree on Sunday banning poppy cultivation and production in the country.

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