Imran Khan claims that the US wants to oust him

Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, accuses the US of trying to oust him. He in his live televised address to the nation claimed that there is a conspiracy to remove him from power.

Imran Khan reacting to the alleged intervention of the US, handed an official protest to the US embassy in Islamabad, but Washington categorically denied it.

Imran Khan will face with a no-confidence vote in parliament of Pakistan on Sunday. Since several representatives have been ousted from Imran Khan’s coalition goverment, it is unclear whether he can manage to succeed this time or not.

Khan added that after his official visit to Moscow, he is under pressure and even in a part of his televised address to the nation said that a western country is not satisfied with the visit.

Many Pakistani politicians criticize Imran Khan because of bad economic situation in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, his most important ally has left the coalition government, and opposition parties have urged him to resign before no-confidence vote.

Political observers say that Imran khan assumed the power with cooperation of Pakistan Army back in 2018.

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