Third industrial park Opened in Balkh

MAZAR-e-SHARIF(BNA) The park has inaugurate in an area of ​​4,000 acres at the Hairatan crossroads east of Mazar-e-Sharif thursday in the presence of acting minister of Industry and commerce.

All industrial-commercial facilities are to be considered in this park.
Nooruddin Azizi, acting minister of Industry and commerce said at the opening ceremony of the industrial park: “In Balkh, in addition to two industrial and commercial parks, this is the third largest park, which will create the greatest economic transformation not only in Balkh but in northern Afghanistan.”

The acting Minister of Industry and commerce, referring to the overall security in the country and the facilities created, called on investors to invest safely in Afghanistan.

The proximity of this industrial park to the commercial port of Hairatan could be significant for Afghanistan in the future.

Mr.Azizi announced the elimination of the sources of corruption and paper-throwing in the Ministry of Industry and commerce.

However, investors planning to visit Hairatan Industrial Park have called on the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to increase Afghan production by supporting domestic products and marketing them in domestic and foreign markets.

There are more than five hundred production factories in two industrial parks in Balkh, which, according to the officials of the Department of Industry and commerce, have more than three hundred factories, and other factories will be activated in the near future.


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