Neighbors at China meeting call for inclusive political structure in Afghanistan

Neighboring countries noted the importance to achieve national reconciliation in Afghanistan through dialogue and negotiation and to establish a broad-based and inclusive political structure during their meeting in China on Thursday.
The third Foreign Ministers’ Meeting among the Neighboring Countries of Afghanistan was held in Tunxi, Anhui province in China. Foreign ministers or senior representatives of seven countries, namely China, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, attended the meeting.
They noted the importance of taking necessary continuing steps in Afghanistan on ensuring women’s rights and children’s education, among others, and called for further actions to be taken to improve people’s livelihoods, and safeguard the fundamental rights of all Afghans, including ethnic groups, women and children, according to a joint statement.
Participants also reaffirmed opposition to attempts at politicizing humanitarian assistance, and reiterated respect and support for the central role of Afghanistan in distributing and using humanitarian assistance to be rendered by the international community and international organizations to the people of Afghanistan.
On the same day, China also hosted a separate meeting focused on supporting Afghanistan’s economic reconstruction and practical cooperation, called the Tunxi Initiative.
“The Tunxi Initiative is rich in content and will play an important role in promoting Afghanistan’s peace, reconstruction, stability and development in the future,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at a press conference.
“The initiative embodies five features: First, not playing geopolitical games, but focusing on practical cooperation. Second, not imposing one’s will on others, but advocating equality and voluntariness. Third, not making high-profile empty promises, but pursuing tangible results. Fourth, not acting without coordination, but striving for regional connectivity. Fifth, not seeking isolation and antagonism, but advocating openness and inclusiveness,” Wang said.
All parties at the meeting decided to provide further humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, and called on the international community to give more support to Afghanistan, to help it restore cash liquidity and avoid humanitarian disaster.The post Neighbors at China meeting call for inclusive political structure in Afghanistan first appeared on Ariana News.

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