Da Afghanistan Bank Held Entitled “Poverty and Hope” a Photo Exhibition

KABUL (BNA) Da Afghanistan Bank held a photo exhibition in “Zarnigar Park” in Kabul today under the title of “Poverty and Hope” in order to free Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves.

A function held on this occasion, Abdul Qadir Ahmad, Deputy Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank, said: “Da Afghanistan Bank, as the central bank of the country that manages Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves, has worked in various ways to liberalize the country’s assets, which is the right of the Afghan people.”
Although the technical discussions in this regard are promising, in practice so far, they have not yielded any results. added
He noted that by launching a street photo exhibition, Da Afghanistan Bank wants to convey the voice of the Afghan people through the “language of Images” to the world, especially the United States, in order to provide the management of the country’s foreign exchange reserves to Da Afghanistan Bank.
The Deputy Governor of Afghanistan assured that the bank wants good financial and banking relations in accordance with internationally accepted standards, of course, within the framework of Islamic principles.
He also called on the domestic and foreign mass media to unite with the Central Bank and the people of the country in order to release the frozen money of the Afghan people and to continue their efforts in this direction.
At the end of the Expo, officials inaugurated the “Poverty and Hope” exhibition and displayed photographs.
In this exhibition, 35 photos from 15 provinces of the country have been taken and exhibited.
These photos depict the adverse effects of freezing the country’s foreign exchange assets on the lives of the Afghan people.
On January 11, 2021, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order allocating $3.5 billion to the Central Bank of Afghanistan for humanitarian assistance and another $3.5 billion to the families’ of 9/11 victims.
The US President’s decision provoked internal and external reactions and protests

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