Afghanistan’s population estimated at 34.3 million people

Afghanistan Information and Statistics Administration shared the country’s population details with journalists on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, saying the total population has been estimated at 34.3 million people for the solar year 1401.

Based on the estimation of the AISA, 51 percent (17.5 million) of the population are men while 49 percent (16.8 million) are women the stats show that 45.5 percent of people are under 15.

Afghanistan’s population growth has also been estimated to be 2.14 percent in the current year with the capital Kabul having the highest percentage of growth.

As per the statistics, 70.6 percent (24.2 million) of the Afghan population lives in villages while 25 percent (8.6 million) live in cities whereas 4.4 million are nomads.

Alongside statistics on population, the administration made public information about the number of lives three deadly diseases claimed.

In the past year, 26454 died of TB, 3769 people died from HIV, and 1999 more died from COVID-19.

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