Wheat to Replace Money in the Country: Taliban’s New Financial Invention of the Century

Mohammad Qasim Khalid, Taliban’s Acting Governor for Kunar province has stated to the media on Tuesday, March 29, that instead of money, wheat would be given to those who have participated in short-term projects like canal clearing and road constructions in the districts and center of the province.

Ezatullah, Taliban’s Acting Director of Agriculture in Kunar province has stated that 900 tons of wheat are planned to be distributed to 9,000 people at this crucial time when 90% of the People in the country live below the poverty line.

Taliban, in the very first days of their takeover the of the government released an statement where they had stated that their takeover of the government has happened by the will of God and their government has no responsibility towards the civilians to ensure them for job creation. Late on they announced the scheme of wheat in exchange for work which was not really appreciated by the people.

During the past seven months that Taliban has been ruling in country by the help of weapon, they have neglected all the other priorities of a responsible government, but have focused on how to make a hell out of the country for citizens. They have been imposing different types of restrictions on public, particularly women.

The recent restrictions that Taliban have imposed include: Closure of the education doors to girls till further notice, restrictions on clothing for public servants, schedule for parks and many more that are not only against human moral but have not religious logics and support references.


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