A Young Man’s Dead Body Found in Bamiyan

The body of a young man was found dead in the central Bamiyan province, the press office of the Taliban’s provincial police command in Bamiyan have confirmed in a statement. According to the Taliban, the body had been left under a pile/bridge in the Foladi village of the province capital.

Bamiyan was famous for its pure natural landscapes and security. The province used to host hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists in the past during all four seasons. Each season in Bamiyan has its own natural beauty that attracts tourists. The crime rate in the province was zero for the past 20 years. But with the emergence of the Taliban, the image of the city is changed with time-to-time crime incidents being reported.

According to the Taliban’s statement, the victim was named Abdul Rahman and he was the resident of Dokani village of Bamiyan’s second district. The body is taken to the provincial hospital.

The motive behind the murder is still not clear and Taliban have started the investigation, but the media have received no remarks from an independent source on this matter.

Mysterious murders and arbitrarily killings continuously take place through out the country and the cases are being closed without any investigation and follow up by the Taliban’s senior members. These acts of irresponsibility toward the life of innocent people signify the doubt on Taliban rebels being involved in revenge killings. There are reports stating that the Taliban are trying to seek religious permissions – a Fatwa – in order to justify the killings of the former regime’s affiliates. These Fatwas are supposed to be issued by Mawlawis/clerics from the Haqqani Madrasa network in Pakistan.


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