Taliban Authorities Expel Forces without Beards

Kabul – The authorities of the Department of Vice and Virtue in Panjshir province have reported that military forces without beards, low beards, minors, and infamous members are removed and expelled from the military ranks and posts.

Saifullah Deobandi, one of the authorities in the department, made these remarks in a meeting with the security officials of the province on Sunday (May 12).

Mr. Deobandi asked the Police Chief of Panjshir province that all local government forces should make their appearance in accordance with Islamic laws and values.

Meanwhile, Taliban interim government had previously instructed the public to avoid shaving and have warned the barbers to obey the orders and decrees accordingly.

Taliban war against the government was and is being promoted using religious approaches and ideologies. They have been imposing certain restrictions and rules that are against the realities of time but are emphasized to be according to the Islamic and religious values, but they have never explained those religious values and laws.


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