Russia-Ukraine conflict: What does the European media say about the Russia-Ukraine conflict?

We are living in 21th century, the age technology and media, media play the strongest role in changing public opinion.

The role of the media in democratic governments is like the pulse of society, and they are the main objects which connect citizens and rulers with each other, and on the battlefield they feed the minds of the people.

This report discusses the role of the European media in covering the bloody invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

A famous journalist of Afghanistan, Hamid Elmi, said that in Russia-Ukraine conflict, Western media cannot be unbiased, because attack on Ukraine has been considered as attack on West’s interests, so Western media cannot be indifferent to this issue.

Mr. Elmi stated that the media which are currently covering the conflict in Ukraine, see that children, women and men are dying in front of them, this act has provoked the emotion and this way Western media are showing somehow their solidarity with Ukrainians.

After the beginning of war in Ukraine, Moscow reacting to ban on “Russia Today” in EU, banned the activities of media outlets as BBC, VOA, Deutsche Welle, and Radio Azadi in Russia.

The ban on a number of top media outlets in Russia, particularly Deutsche Welle, elicited reactions of German officials.
“The ban on the broadcasting of Deutsche Welle and the closure of its office in Russia is completely unacceptable and groundless,” said the German culture minister.

The German Journalists Association or Deutscher Journalisten-Verband (DJV) also lamented the Putin government’s move and called on the Russian president to cancel the decision, which has led to the dismissal of a number of media outlets.

In the meantime, Marjan Sadat, who has worked with international media outlets for years said that Putin is afraid that his lunatic plans would be revealed by media. She stated that the media outlets have done their best on covering Russia-Ukraine conflict. Because of the coverage many countries have opened their borders for Ukrainians, and big American companies sanctioned Russia, which is not in the benefit of Russia.

Ms. Sadat said that Putin expected to invade Ukraine quietly and ultimately show his victory to the world, but when the media covered the war wholy, Putin scared, which is of negative and detrimental economic consequences for Russia.

It has been weeks, the war has started in heart and suburbs of Ukraine, with no clue of its end. Meetings between the both sides end in vain and temporary ceasefire is not the solution. So far 2.5 million Ukrainians have been displaced, and war intensifies more and more every day. Moreover, the result of war is not clear yet.

Although the outcome of this war has not yet been determined and there is no idea that it will end or not. But considering the role of the media, it seems that Putin will be the loser of this war in public opinion.

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