Biden: We Will Defend Every Inch of NATO Territory

KABUL (BNA (Biden stressed over “not fighting a third World War in Ukraine” but avowed sending an “unmistakable message that we will defend every inch of NATO territory

“We will continue to stand with our partners and send a clear message that we will defend NATO territory at all costs,” US President Joe Biden said in Washington on Friday, according to foreign media reports.”

“That’s why I sent 12,000 troops to Latvia, Estonia and Romania on the Russian border,” Biden said.

Pentagon staff member who assisted in compiling the report by the President of Ukraine and other Western officials stated that the declaration of a no-fly zone would mean a conflict between Russia and NATO over Ukraine. That this is to the detriment of Ukraine.

On the other hand, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Kuzhugetovich Shoigu said in his speech: “We will continue our military operations until we achieve our goals, and our duty is to protect Russia from military threats from the West.”


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