More than 500,000 Afghans returned home since IEA takeover: Officials

Officials of the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation said on Friday that more than 500,000 Afghans have returned to their county since the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) took over the country nearly seven months ago.
Mohammad Arsala Kharoti, deputy minister of refugees and repatriation, while visiting Torkham crossing said that they have a plan to release Afghans from prisons in other countries.
“We have registered 550,000 returnees at borders. People’s repatriation has increased,” said Kharoti.
According to Kharoti, foreign countries persuade Afghan youths to leave Afghanistan, which is an interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. He called on the international community to stop interfering in Afghanistan’s affairs.
“World interferes in Afghanistan’s affairs like before. They send official invitations, chartered planes to some people, and tell them that their lives are in danger. We call on the world to let Afghans decide their future by themselves,” said Kharoti.
Travelers, meanwhile, said that they face enormous problems while crossing Torkham.
“There are a lot of problems. Ask Pakistan to fulfil its promises. They had promised to allow 100 people, but now allowing only 20 people,” said Bakhti Gul, a traveler.
“I came here before 8am. When I saw the patients, I became sorrowful. Elderly people and women are facing a lot of problems,” said Haji Zahar, another traveler.
This come as Pakistan officials have repeatedly said that they will resolve travelers’ problems at Torkham crossing. However, the problems remain unresolved.The post More than 500,000 Afghans returned home since IEA takeover: Officials first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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