Heavy Snowfall Halts Traffic in the Central Afghanistan

Heavy snowfall has halted the normal traffic in central Afghanistan. Local sources in Bamiyan province confirm that hundreds of passengers are stuck on both sides of the borders between the Lal Wa Sarjangal district of Ghor and the Yakawlang district of Bamiyan, The localities call on the Taliban government to take immediate action to prevent any tragedy.

A resident in the Yakawlang district told Hasht-e Subh on Wednesday his observations of 40 vehicles being stranded in the area for the past four days.

About 400 passengers in Bamiyan’s Yakawlang district and 16 minivans carrying 270 passengers are stranded in the Siah-Cheshmeh valley in Lal Wa Sarjangal district and there has been no response action taken by the government and local authorities yet.

The passengers are staying in the lodgings in Yakawlang district for the past four days that is turning to a great financial burden on them and the cold weather has caused many of them to get sick and suffer cold flue.

Local officials in Ghor province, told local media that the Bakak mountain route is clear to traffic, but the passengers denied, claiming that officials are lying. “There is no action taken yet by the local authorities.” Passengers in the lodgings claim.

High mountains lock the central Afghanistan and the routes to Capital Kabul usually get closed during the winter season as a result snowfalls and weather condition. In addition to the snowfalls that create problem for traffic, weak roads and infrastructures create tragedy time to time, but the government has given the least attention to the central Afghanistan for the last 20 years.

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Source: Hasht-e Subh Daily

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