IRC urges world not to neglect Afghanistan amid Ukraine crisis

As the world’s attention shifts to the conflict and displacement crisis in Ukraine, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) has called on the world not to neglect Afghanistan.
In a statement issued Friday, IRC said that the international community should seize the opportunity in Afghanistan to prevent famine and save lives.
As a donor conference is expected to be held later this month, IRC called for continued attention, a scale up of life saving humanitarian aid, and policy changes to alleviate the economic crisis that is “tipping the scale towards preventable death and suffering.”
Amanda Catanzano, Vice President of Policy and Advocacy at the IRC, welcomed World Bank board’s decision to provide $1 billion from the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund to UN agencies and aid organizations operating in the country. She also welcomed the US government’s recent action to clarify the limits of US sanctions and provide a new license to authorize commercial and financial activity in Afghanistan.
“We urge the international community to build on this momentum – these welcome policy moves should be the beginning not the end. After six months of uncertainty for Afghans, these decisions represent vital action and recognition that Afghans need more than short-term emergency aid. The IRC has 3,000 staff members working across Afghanistan. Our staff see how the situation for ordinary Afghans worsens with every day that goes by without action.”
IRC said funding needs for the humanitarian response in Afghanistan have more than tripled since last year yet the response lacks 87 percent of the funding required.
According to the committee, a top priority should be charting forward a path for engagement in the economic crisis in Afghanistan, including a plan for supporting technical capacity at the central bank and a roadmap for releasing frozen Afghan assets, to ensure Afghans are not facing an even worse humanitarian catastrophe next year.The post IRC urges world not to neglect Afghanistan amid Ukraine crisis first appeared on Ariana News.

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