Reactions to disappearance of a severe critic of Taliban: “Mohseni is the voice of people, release him”

The disappearance of Sayed Baqir Mohseni, elicited a wide range of reactions across the country and a number of activists and social media users called for his release.

After the collapse of former government, Mr. Mohseni in his interviews with media severely criticized the Taliban’s government and policies, and accused the Taliban of forming an ethnic based government which lacks internal and international legitimacy.

Many people refer to him as an intrepid and justice seeker person who conveyed his words and the voices of thousands of citizens to the Taliban and the world without fear.

Harun Najafizada a journalist tweeted that Taliban initially threatened Mr. Mohseni no to speak, but it did not work out. Then they urged domestic media outlets no to invite, it did not work out as well. They could not muffle Mohseni’s voice in digital world.

Mr. Najafizada added that Mr. Mohseni spoke of internal strife and group strife, as well as weak political-religious logic, and dependence on Pakistan and Taliban violence in Kabul.

On the other hand, former advisor of national security council, Dauod Naji, said that a system which is not able to tolerate a serious and literate critic with all its power is weak.

Mr. Naji added that day to day Taliban are realizing their alienation from people. Their government sees house to house as a refuge for the enemy and a storehouse of weapons. They are afraid of Mohseni’s logic which means they are all done.

Mujib Mehrdad a poet and journalist reacting to detention of Mr. Mohseni said that he defended the demands of people honestly and publicly in Kabul.

“It is the turn of people to try for his release, let us try together,” he said.

Ex-parliament member, Harif Rahmani, said that Taliban with all their claims could not tolerate the words of a free and justice seeker, and finally put him in prison.

Rahmani added that imprisonment of Mr. Mohseni is the stark sign of humiliation, haplessness, and inflexibility of Taliban.

A civil activist, Hoda Khamosh, said that Mr. Mohseni was abducted by the Taliban because of his truthfulness and outspokenness. She added that Mr. Mohseni is a realist and a rational analyst who spoke out without fear.

“We are concerned about professor’s life, the Taliban must tolerate their critics, the truth is not something to be hidden, no one can be suppressed by torture and kidnapping,” she added.

On the other hand, Kawah Jobran, a writer and university lecturer, said, “think for a moment about the depth of the tragedy. A person like Mohseni has been put to prison in a regime which has the deputy minister of culture as Zabihullah Mujahid.”

A women’s rights activist, Attia Mehraban said, “We all claim; but in the battlefield, there were very few people who stood up and fought bravely, and we will never forget this courage and perseverance.”

She added that Mohseni was aware of such a day, but he continued, and such an honor in this world full of hypocrisy, must not be forgotten.

The news comes as Sayed Baqir Mohseni disappeared in Kabul on Friday evening.

The news relating to his arrest by Taliban fighters has circulated on social media, but Taliban have not yet made that clear.

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