Bafflement of Afghan refugees in Iran: what will be the result of this situation?

After collapse of republic regime, a new immigration surge started from Afghanistan to other countries, particularly in Islamic Republic of Iran. Everyday, the number of them are increasing, and there is no clear vision ahead of them.

Taliban repeatedly emphasize that Afghan citizens, in particular the elite and educated ones must stay in country. Taliban officials many times called on youth generation to remain in country, and promised that job opportunities will be provided for them.

But the youth generation consider these promises just words.

A number of young people say that they are looking for food and work, but Taliban deprive them of job opportunities instead of providing them.

An Afghan refugee who wished to be called, Hashmat, and recently illegally has arrived in Iran said that he has four children in Afghanistan and no body is taking care of them.

“In republic era, I was a manual worker in Mazar-e-Sharif. Every day, I used to wake up early to bring food for my family and children. Before 8:00 a.m. I used to be at the square where all workers gathered, but after the collapse of republic regime, everything vanished into thin air,” he said.

He added that he tried to go to work. But there was not any work. So he had to travel to Iran to save his family.

He added that by increasing the number of refugees in Tehran, the situation of work has worsened in Iran as well. In a week he can go to work just for two or three days.

Another Afghan refugee in Iran that we call him, Fiaz, in this report said that it has been four years that he is in Iran. He has five children and for providing the expanses of his life and it has been years that he commute between Iran and Afghanistan.

He said that he is spending the best days of his life in Iran, far from his family. And added that he does not know about the growth of his children, because he has spent the major parts of his life in Iran.

Speaking of refugees, Naqibullah Rasikh, a refugees rights activist described the situation of refugees in Iran as “nightmare,” and added that Afghan refugees in Iran has a lot of problems. They are a group of people which is of no value for Afghanistan rulers, and no one respect them in Iran, they are baffled and homeless ones.

He added that after Taliban’s domination, Iran is taking advantage of the situation and every day deport Afghan refugees.

According to a UN report in 2021, there were 3,616,000 Afghans living in Iran, among them 586,000 had legal visas, 780,000 were refugees and 2,250,000 were without legal documents.

Iranian interior minister, Ahmad Vahidi, recently said that Iran is currently hosting 3.5 million refugees from Afghanistan.

However, Siddiqullah Nasrat, head of refugees in Nimruz province, said that two to two and a half thousand Afghan refugees come to this province from Iran every day.

Mr. Nasrat added that there are homeless women and children in number of these refugees, who are being forcibly deported from Iran.

Iran while has increased the level of deportation of Afghan refugees, that after Taliban’s domination the level poverty has increased unprecedentedly in Afghanistan.

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