Deputy PM Meets with Afghan Elites  

KABUL(BNA) Deputy Prime Minister of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan met with a group of Afghan experts and elites living in the country and abroad.

In the meeting, Engineer Seyed Agha and Ms. Sofia Omar talked on behalf of others and expressed satisfaction with the rule of the Islamic system and ensuring national security in the country, They announced their readiness to serve their country and people.

They called for creation of jobs for qualified people in government circles, as well as for special programs to promote Islamic values.

Afterward, Mawlawi Abdul Salam Hanafi, said, “with establishment of Islamic system, the current government considers it its responsibility to ensure the security and protection of life, property and dignity of all compatriots and strives for all citizens , including men and women. Have their religious rights.

The Deputy Prime Minister called on Afghans living abroad to play a significant role in rebuilding their country in various fields. He noted that the Islamic Emirate welcomes them and provides them with good conditions of live in the country.

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