Two years after Doha Agreement, Taliban claim that the 43-year war ended and an Islamic system established in AFG

Doha Agreement was signed two years ago in Doha, capital of Qatar. Now Taliban claim that 20-year of occupation ended as a result of this agreement.

Spokesman of Taliban’s political office says that as result of this agreement the 43-year wat ended and power island as well as feudalism ruined.

He in a tweet says as a result of this agreement an Islamic system established and the security provided across the country.

Hanas Haqqani one of Taliban’s senior members says as a result of Doha Agreement foreign troops left Afghanistan, and Afghanistan and USA are no longer military targets for each other.

“Doha Agreement is a good framework for defining positive US-Afghan relations,” he adds.

Taliban’s nominated person to the UN, Suhail Shaheen, says that it was a milestone in Afghanistan’s history.

“This day will be proudly remembered by our coming generations. Some friendly and brotherly countries, particularly, the brotherly country of Qatar, played a constructive and important role in making the negotiations succeed for which we are grateful.Some parts of the Agreement are yet to be implemented like the removal of the blacklist and the US prize list. In general, the sanctions on Afghanistan and not recognising the current government of Afghanistan is contrary to the spirit of the Doha Agreement,” Shaheen says.

The US former special representative for Afghanistan’s reconciliation and a person who signed the agreement, Zalmay Khalilzad, said it is necessary to negotiate and talk to form a government without repeating the mistakes of past 40 years.

Khalilzad in an interview with BBC Persian said that it is noted in part three of Doha Agreement that the government must be formed through talks. He added this issue was one of the four basic cornerstone of Doha Agreement which is not implemented yet.

Khalilzad said that Afghans must come together. According to him, now even opponents of Doha Agreement are taking about part three of this agreement.

After two decades of conflict an agreement was signed between Taliban and the US. Some people believe that signing this agreement led to withdrawal of foreign forces and collapse of republic system, as a result Taliban assumed power.

This agreement was signed between, Abdul Ghani Baradar, who was deputy of Taliban’s political office and the US envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad.

This agreement was signed on February 29, 2020 that the US pledged to withdraw its troops within thirteen months, and Taliban promised to cut their ties with all terrorist groups including Al-Qaeda.

Though former government claimed that it had no part in agreement, but it was mentioned that the government of Afghanistan must release 5000 fighters of Taliban and intra-Afghan talks must be started three months after the agreement. But it did not happen at the appropriate time.

The US troops left Afghanistan three months later on August 2021, and 5000 Taliban fighters were released later. The intra-Afghan peace talks started six months after the agreement, and Taliban did not reduce the level of violence and based on reports they did not cut their ties with Al-Qaeda as well.

Although no American soldiers fought against Taliban after Doha Agreement, but as a result of their swift withdrawal more than a dozen US soldiers killed.

A suicide bomb attack outside Kabul airport left 13 US soldier and 170 Afghans killed. This way the US left Afghanistan.

But apparently the important point of the agreement which is the formation of an inclusive government is not considered yet, and Afghans have no idea that the transfer of power would take place by gun or people’s will.

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