Taliban Forces Imprison, Torture Daikundi Residents As Staging Massive House-to-House Sweep, Reports

Locals in Daikundi confirmed to Hasht-e Subh that the Taliban’s local forces had launched a disarmament campaign in the past two weeks, saying they had arrested dozens of civilians since then. According to sources, Taliban forces requested weapons from the detainees, most of whom are former members of the security forces.

According to a reliable source, Taliban government forces launched sweeping house raids in parts of the central Daikundi province where men were arrested and then tortured in prisons. The source added that the campaign is taking place in various districts, including Sangtakht and Bandar and Pato.

Another source confirmed the reports of house-to-house searches in the center of Daikundi, saying, as a matter of fact, that a former national security officer was forced to buy a rifle and hand it over to the Taliban forces – because he did not have a weapon himself. According to the source, another person was tortured so severely that he is now in a highly critical condition. The source called on the “Taliban-led government” officials to end arbitrary arrests, tortures and massive house-to-house sweeps.

Meanwhile, another source in Daikundi’s Sangtakht and Bandar district said that the Taliban did not abide by the amnesty decree. According to him, the Taliban in this district are asking the former regime’s armed forces to hand over weapons and equipment to them, while they have already handed over all their combat facilities – simultaneously with the fall of the previous regime. He also called on senior Taliban officials to refrain from harassing civilians. Because, according to him, local officials were abusing their authority.

Among those detained are family members of former government officials. Three days ago, local forces arrested a relative and bodyguard of Sobhan Nayeebi, a former member of the provincial council. Local officials said that Sobhan Nayeebi should be present so that they can release his relatives. According to unnamed sources, three relatives of Sayed Baqer Mortazawi, the former police chief of Daikundi, have also been arrested. Sources also say that the Taliban have also arrested the son of Sayed Tahir Etemadi, the former district governor of Pato. These people are more likely to be tortured in prison.

However, Siddiqullah Abed, Taliban’s police chief for Daikundi province said on Sunday – in a meeting with dozens of residents and influential figures – that anyone who poses a threat to the regime – of any ethnicity – would be beheaded. “It does not matter if he is a mullah or a shepherd,” Abed said. “Anyone who disobeys this government will be beheaded.” According to him, the situation in Daikundi is deteriorating day by day.

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Source: Hasht-e Subh Daily

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