Kabul’s Silo Bakery Resumes Operations After A 30-Year Hiatus

Officials of Kabul’s Silo bakery said the company has
started resuming operations in different areas including storing of wheat and
flour, baking of bread, sweet bread, and cookies.

Nasrullah Mansour, head of the Silo bakery, said that 133
people are currently working at Sil, of which 6 of them are women.

The bakery produces 500-1000 breads daily, but the officials
are hopeful the number will increase soon.

According to him, we are trying to fully activate the silo,
then we can transfer to other provinces.

In an interview with Radio Azadi Mr. Mansour stated that
there are currently 133 people working in the Central Silo, six of whom are

Khayal Mohammad, the former head of Silo bakery, recently
said that by activating this silo, they could generate about 35 million Afghanis
in revenue, and add eight million Afghanis to the GDP.

Silo bakery, Afghanistan’s state-owned bread factory, was
established for the first time in 1335 with technical and financial assistance
from the Soviet Union.

Source: Wadsam

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