Former govt, people, and security forces of AFG could stand against Taliban as Ukraine: Khalilzad

The US former special representative for Afghanistan’s reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad, in an interview with BBC Persian said that former government, people, and security forces could stand against the Taliban as Ukrainians do now against Russia.

He added that Ashraf Ghani’s government based on a miscalculation did not take the peace talks serious and wasted the time.

Khalilzad said that former government was waiting for transition of power at the US so that the Washington policy towards withdrawal could change.

Khalilzad pointing to resistance of Ukraine said that Afghansitan’s government could use the weapons and soldiers in a better way, and the government could lead the forces in a good way.

He emphasized that the US committed a mistake towards Afghanistan.

He added that the US forces withdrawal could be on conditions, but it was so disappointed and without considering the conditions of Doha Agreement left Afghanistan.

Khalilzad, in a part of his interview about the alleged fraud in Afghanistan’s presidential election in 2019, said that the United States did not take part in this election; rather, “the Afghans themselves did so.”

He added if he did not participate in Ashraf Ghani’s inauguration the Afghanistan army would destroy, and alongside with Taliban’s war another war would start.

The former US envoy said that in recent days of the former government it was scheduled to send a delegation from Kabul to Qatar to discuss the formation of a transitional government, but that did not happen.

He added that the United States and the international community now have the responsibility to help the Afghan people, and the Taliban must learn from the 40-year history of the Afghan war and do not repeat their mistakes.

It has been two years since Doha Agreement was signed, and Khalilzad was the envey of the US to sign this agreement.

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