Female Physician from Afghanistan Receives Medical Award in Sweden

Kabul – Shahnaz Rasoul, born in the Jaghatu district of Afghanistan’s Ghazni province, has won the Swedish Award for the struggle to improve community health in 2021. The award is one of the highest among the Swedish Medical Association awards, which is given annually to prominent physicians.

The award was officially delivered to Ms. Rasoul at the North Swedish House of Representatives on Monday, February 28.

Ms. Rasoul has done her nursing studies in Sweden. Now, she is in charge of the cancer diseases at the Sunderby Hospital which is one of the best-equipped clinics in Sweden.

In addition, Ms. Rasoul is responsible for training students and apprentices.

Ms. Rasoul immigrated to Sweden seventeen years ago while she was a medical student in Kabul.

In a ceremony in the Northern Sweden House of Representatives, the chairman said that Ms. Rasoul’s efforts to improve public health, raise health awareness among immigrants, and create a group of active Afghan women to promote and comply with Hygiene are commendable.

In addition to members of parliament, a bunch of political party leaders, politicians, civil society activists, and some Afghans active in Sweden also attended the ceremony.

Moreover, Ms. Rasoul says she has been able to address the health problems of the diaspora community, especially Afghans, with the help of Afghan refugees, especially the Afghanistan’s Cultural Center in northern Sweden, adding the efforts of the women who have been in constant contact with her have significantly reduced the health problems of Afghan refugees in northern Sweden.

The Swedish healthcare system is one of the most competent systems in the world. Each year, the country is included in the list of the top ten health systems in the world and the rankings are usually based on health care efficiency, cost, and life expectancy in the country.

On the other hand, the Swedish strategy for dealing with the outbreak of coronavirus has been quite different from the rest of the world, and the country has not made the use of masks in the most severe stages of the Covid-19 outbreak mandatory. In addition, the country’s quarantine system is different in comparison with European countries.

Meanwhile, the majority of Swedish people reportedly voluntarily adhere to quarantine protocols such as social distancing, gatherings of more than 50 people, and paying visits to nursing homes.

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