Deborah Lyons About to Brief on Afghanistan in UNC Meeting 

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KABUL (BNA) The UN Security Council is set a meeting on Afghanistan, wednesday, Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan reporting on the situation in the country.

UNAMA, the Office of the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs in Kabul, has confirmed that the UN Security Council will meet on Afghanistan and will hear a report by the UN Special Representative for Afghanistan.

The meeting comes, while Ukraine Ukraine is under invasion of and attracted much of the world’s political and media circles, and there were concerns that Afghanistan could be forgotten in the context of current events in Ukraine, unless the UN Security Council decides otherwise. to hold a special meeting on Afghanistan shows that the world is still focused on Afghanistan.

The hope and expectation of the Afghan people from the members of the UN Security Council is that this organization has treated Afghanistan rationally and focuses on the reality of this country.

The reality in Afghanistan is that the country is moving towards restoration of stability. In the last six months that have passed since the establishment of the new regime in this country, no evidence has been presented about the presence of terrorist groups. Unlike the Islamic Emirate, it has been able to gain the trust and confidence of neighboring countries and countries in the region. Engage with the Islamic Emirate.

The fact is that the Afghans have achieved political and security stability in the Islamic Emirate, and the existing space has created a good platform for the reconstruction of the country, interaction with countries near and far, and regional cooperation.

It would be better for the members of the UN Security Council to move in the direction of the realities in Afghanistan.

Despite the positive developments that have taken place in the country over the past six months, problems have also overshadowed the lives of the Afghan people, most of which are economic problems.


Our people are worried that with the recent crisis in Ukraine, Afghanistan will be overshadowed by the current events in Ukraine and the donor countries will be more concerned with the issues related to Ukraine, while the events in Ukraine The two distinct realities of the events in Ukraine are a separate issue, and the economic problems of the people in Afghanistan are a separate issue. It would be better for the UN Council to emphasize the need for greater humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and to declare that there is no problem for any country in Afghanistan. This could be a realistic approach to Afghanistan.

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