US, NATO’s In-Country Employees Cannot Leave Afghanistan, Says Taliban’s Interior Ministry

The Taliban government’s Interior Ministry has recently instructed border commissariats to prevent American and NATO’s local employees from traveling abroad. Thus, the evacuation of NATO and American staff from both land and air is prohibited. The travel ban has been imposed as thousands of people at risk are waiting to leave the country. On the other hand, the evacuation of people who are eligible to travel to European countries and the United States is slow.

Civil activists believe that there is no job for the regional staff of US troops in Afghanistan, adding that they have no choice but to leave the country. According to civil activists, they have to leave the country as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Zabihullah Mujahid recently confirmed that restrictions have been imposed on Afghanistan’s citizens traveling to foreign countries, stressing that women and girls cannot travel to foreign countries “without a valid excuse” and a Mahram (male guardian).

A letter made available to Hasht-e Subh indicates that the Taliban government’s Ministry of Interior has curbed the travel of those individuals who worked with NATO and the United States. In the document, the border commissariats were asked to prevent this group of people from leaving Afghanistan. The Interior Ministry’s General Directorate of Border Police was asked to prevent local employees of NATO and US troops from traveling abroad.

The letter called on the Interior Ministry’s Border Police Department not to allow those with experience in working with NATO and US forces – from all air and land borders – to leave the country.

The Interior Ministry’s Senior Deputy Ministry for Security Affairs instructed not to allow anyone wishing to leave the country at the invitation of NATO member-states and the US.

In this letter, the General Directorate of Border Police of the Ministry of Interior has asked the security department of Kabul Airport and the country’s air and land border commissariats to seriously control the departure of people from the country.

“Under the Deputy Ministry of Security’ instructions, a large number of Afghans wishing to travel to foreign countries at the request or invitation of NATO or the United States – by any means, whether by air or land – should be seriously prevented from leaving the country,” the statement stressed.

The letter was signed by Shir Mohammad Sharif, director-general of the Interior Ministry’s border police, and sent to all land border commissions and the country’s airport security department.

Civil activists believe that after the fall of the previous government, there will be no job opportunities for people who worked for foreign forces in Afghanistan, stressing that it would be a suicide for them to stay in Afghanistan.

“Their stay in Afghanistan has grave consequences for their lives,” said Sayed Ashraf Sadat, a civil activist who was transferred to Sweden during the evacuation process from Afghanistan. “Unfortunately, they are misunderstood to have served the occupiers, and therefore it is not possible for them to survive in Afghanistan.”

According to the activist, the imposition of these restrictions is a lever of pressure on foreign countries, and the authorities intend to have their demands settled this way, so according to him, they use this leverage to reach their goals.

Recently, Zabihullah Mujahid, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, confirmed in a press conference that restrictions have been imposed on the travel of Afghanistan’s citizens to foreign countries, saying that women cannot travel to foreign countries without a Mahram – male guardian – and a “justified excuse.”

These restrictions are imposed as thousands of employees of foreign bodies want to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible, awaiting the resumption of the evacuation process.

According to Kabul residents, people who have been waiting to leave Afghanistan for months are in a very bad situation and are deeply concerned about the poor security situation and house-to-house inspections in Kabul and other major provinces.

Previously, the evacuation process of endangered people through Kabul airport to Qatar was challenged for several months, but after Qatar mediated, a few limited flights were operated from Kabul.

However, officials have not commented on the published letters, and it is unclear whether the new restriction has been imposed for a short time or will last for a longer period.

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