February 28 the national day of armed forces; what did Ashraf Ghani do as commander-in-chief of the Afghan armed forces?

It has been more than six months that Islamic Republic of Afghanistan collapsed, former goverment in 2016 announced the February 28 as the national day of Afghan armed forces. Every year the government and people of Afghanistan used to celebrate this day for devotion of Afghan armed forces.

But after the fall of republic, there are no soldiers–the ones who used to sacrifice their lives to serve their country– and no body celebrates this day.

In recent years Afghan citizens celebrated the national day of armed forces in various ways, some of them changed their profile pictures on social media and used to upload the pictures of forces and congratulated the day. Some others used to offer bunches of flowers to soldiers and some others celebrated the day with music.

At least 70,000 soldiers killed as a result of 20–year war in Afghanistan.

Ashraf Ghani promised to distribute land for security forces, especially for the families of soldiers who killed, but apparently like other promises he did not honor this one, too.

SIGAR always used to report about the presence of drug addicts and ‘ghost’ soldiers, and millions of dollars wasted this way.

In recent days of his government Ashraf Ghani called the soldiers through the phone and always talked about resistance. He repeatedly had said, ”I am not a runaway person, here ‘Afghanistan’ is my home and my graveyard,” and sometimes added, “we will negotiate with Taliban, otherwise we will break their knees.” But as Taliban arrived near the Kabul city, he fled the country, and a number of people nicknamed him a “runaway president.”

It will go down the history and will judge as, “a president who talked about resistance untill the last days of his administration, but suddenly played with lives of thousands of military forces and a nation, and fled the country.”

Today, thousands of soldiers live in an uncertain situation, a number of them have gone to nieghboring countries to feed their families, and some others live in hiding because of Taliban.

One of former security forces who is waiting to be deported from Iran to Afghanistan told Aamaj News that Iranian soldiers want to deport him by force, and may get killed in Afghanistan. He added, “the history will not forget the treachery that Ashraf Ghani did against us.”

The escape of commander-in-chief, Ashraf Ghani, is just one side of a coin face, but the other side is the icon of bravery, on November 16, 2017, a former soldier named, Sayed Bassam Pacha, when saw a suicide bomber approaching a crowd of civilians to explode his explosives, he could not find any other way to stop him except by creating a barrier by himself. Sayed Bassam Pacha, who was only twenty-five years old at the time, grabbed the suicide bomber until he exploded with the explosives in his body, as a result Sayed Bassam and some of his comrades killed.

This incident is just one example of the many cases that demonstrated the commitment of the country’s security forces to their people.

Today, a number of media and civil activists as well as social media users have written about the devotion and bravery of former security forces.

“Today is the national day of armed forces of Afghanistan. In a country where the killing of a human is easier than dropping of leaves,” tweeted Attia Mehraban a human rights activist.
“We in our lives owe hundreds of thousands of soldiers who lost their lives, hands, feet, eyes, family and everything for us,” she added.

A famous author and poet of Afghanistan, Dr. Homeira Qaderi, tweeted, “let us remember the soldiers who sacrificed themselves for Karzai’s hypocritical policies, Ashraf Ghani’s authoritarianism, and Abdullah’s fashion.”

She added that soldiers inherited poverty and yet unscrupulous leaders stole their bread and water, drove armored cars, bought multi-million dollar houses, and eventually fled the country.

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