Ukraine, New Battlefield of Proxy War

Kabul (BNA) Day Four, Russian forces from three resistances started operations on Ukrainian soil.

BNA Analyst: the main reason for Russia’s attack on Ukraine was Kiev’s desire to join NATO, while Russia ponders the former Soviet republics as its security zone. Ukraine’s leaders took it less seriously and went further under the promises of the United States and the West, which is the result of a catastrophe that the Ukrainian people are carrying right now.

Russia attacked Ukraine, while responding positively to the US dream of plunging Russia into another war of attrition. Russia, on the other hand, slammed the United States and its Western allies by attacking Ukraine. He said that NATO could not advance towards the former Soviet Union and that Moscow’s statements should be taken seriously.

The truth is that Russia and the United States, both seek to devitalize each other, or trying to allegorize and challenge each other by formative proxy wars.

The United States, which saved itself from trouble in Afghanistan just six months ago; He has not forgotten his old opponent and is trying to launch proxy wars with Russia with new scenarios.

The Ukraine crisis exacerbated by US intervention, and the situation in that country now challenges Ukraine’s identity.

At a time when the Ukraine crisis was in full swing, Western leaders made many promises to Kiev, and now that Russia is at war with its western neighbor, the Ukrainians have found themselves alone rather than Volodymyr Zelenskyy Ukrainian president has said that all of Ukraine has been left to its own policies. He has criticized world leaders for failing to take decisive action against Russia.

Military experts and analysts believe that a war between Russia and the West and the United States is unlikely, because these countries know that war with Russia is not a normal war, a war that changes the war map and geography of the countries involved. Russia’s war of attrition is, according to Volodymyr Zelenskyy; Proves these statements.

The problem is that the Ukrainian leaders realized too late that the US and Western goals were to plunge Russia into an erosive war, and that their country would be the scene of a proxy war between the great powers.

The policy pursued by the Ukrainian government and the President of Ukraine is not only a disaster for the people of his country, but also dangerous for the region and the world.

The Ukraine crisis and the fact that the West and the United States remained watchful and continued their cliché

The people of Ukraine should have learned from the situation in Afghanistan, the Syrian and Iraq, what tragedies the superpowers commit in these countries, the result of the trust of the former leaders of Afghanistan in the superpower over the past 42 years. Failed.

In today’s world, dictates that common sense is needed to resolve disputes. Trusting in one power and cutting with another is doing the bad thing that Ukraine is facing today.

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