Mujahid, Shared Latest Clearing Operation Results with Media 

KABUL (BNA) Zabihullah Mujahid, Spokesman of Islamic Emirate and Deputy publictions of Minister of Information and Culture, shared the achievements of the last two days of clearing operation in Kabul with media at a press conference today .

The conference held Sunday at the Information and Media Center in Kabul, the spokesman for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan said the operation was being carried out in a coordinated and careful manner.

Mujahid: aim is to ensure complete security in Kabul city and surrounding provinces and to rid the city of biased and vicious circles, kidnappers, looters and thieves.

He also called on all residents, especially the citizens of Kabul, to cooperate with the forces of the Islamic Emirate in carrying out these operations and assured that these operations will not be to detrimention of anyone.

Mujahid described the achievements of the two-day clearing operation in Kabul as follows: The forces of the Islamic Emirate have so far been able to collect 2 Kalashnikovs, 1 Crankov, 1 Kalakov, 1 M, 1 Pistol, 1 Grenade, 1 Missile, 1 Missile Bullet, 2 pistols, a dagger, two Drazkovs, eighty-two bullets, two grenades, two sticky and non-stick mines, 2 tons of ammunition, 1 grenade, 1 11 rounds of ammunition, 1 drone camera, 1 ranger, 1 car, 1 armor. A car, an armored Land Cruiser, a Helix, two small and two large radios and satellites, a minefield, a mortar, a telescope, two binoculars, a jammer and 4,000 rounds of ammunition were discovered and recovered.

So far, four kidnappers, two ISIS members and two professional robbers have been arrested along with government goods, and a doctor named Mir Hamza and another man named Mirwais have been released from the clutches of the kidnappers during a search. Two 9-year-old and 5-year-old girls were also rescued from the clutches of the kidnappers.

likewise Mujahid thanked the US Treasury Department for lifting some restrictions and called for the removal of other restrictions on Afghanistan.

He described the move as effective in strengthening relations between the two countries and said that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wanted good and positive relations with all countries of the world.

Meanwhile, Mujahid thanked India for its humanitarian assistance of 50,000 tonnes of wheat to the people of Afghanistan and also appreciated Pakistan’s cooperation in the transfer of this aid.

At the end of the conference, He assured the residents of Afghanistan, especially Kabul, that the operation aim is providing better security. He said that no one was allowed to investigate the operation without the presence of representative of resident and the Imam of the mosque.

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