Concerns Grow Over the Dismissal of University Staff

The Ministry of Higher Education has recently begun recruiting faculty members to public universities after more than 280 professors have left their jobs from just three universities in the country.

It has provoked a strong reaction from professors and students. Some lecturers with faculty members of public universities who have recently left the country for security and economic reasons, claim that newcomers hired as faculty members do not have the necessary competency and experience. According to them, the newcomers will never replace the former professors who had the necessary capacity and experience in teaching.

Mohammad Ratab Kawa is a former professor at the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication at Balkh University. Speaking to Hasht-e Subh, he said that hiring inexperienced staff  as academic in universities would cause great damage to the Afghan education system on the one hand, and on the other hand, would reduce the quality of education in the country. .

Kawa added: “Academic staff members should be employed in accordance with the Ministry of Higher Education’s recruitment bill, which clearly states the recruitment and employment conditions. If new people are recruited as faculty members in Afghan universities – undoubtedly, they will not have the necessary seniority, and will never replace the previous professors who had the necessary capacity and experience.”

Mohammad Ratab Kawa reminded that this will reduce the quality of education in Afghanistan. The former professor at Balkh University noted that after the collapse of the previous government, a large number of faculty members of Afghan universities were forced to leave the country due to insecurity, economical reasons and sever restrictions, which created a huge gap in the country’s educational system.

According to him, hiring such a large number of people as academic staff, in a short time and in the current precarious situation, does not seem difficult, but impossible.

Noor Agha Sharifi, another university professor, says that in the last 20 years, there has been improvement in recruiting the academic staff, with about 70% of them reaching the master’s and doctoral levels. But according to him, many of these people have now left the country. Sharifi added that, given this situation, it would be problematic for public universities to start hiring new staff.

Meanwhile, students at public universities are worried about their education. They say more experienced and highly educated people should be given more opportunities. “It is possible that inexperienced, illiterate and graduates of religious schools may be introduced to universities by the Ministry of Higher Education under the name of cadre,” said Fayez Farandish.

Former professors, meanwhile, said that if the caretaker government removes the strict restrictions on higher education and provides the necessary academic freedoms for professors and students, and guarantees the professors’ life and financial immunity, some of the professors will return. It is effective for the country. We wanted to have the opinion of the officials of the Ministry of Higher Education in this regard. But we did not succeed with repeated attempts. A few days ago, the media reported that 280 professors from three universities had left the country after the fall of the previous government.


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