Afghanistan’s Central Bank Welcomes the Issuance of a General License by US

Following the issuance of the General license by the US Treasury Department to facilitate Afghanistan’s trade and financial transactions, the Central Bank of Afghanistan has now announced that it appreciates the move.

The Central Bank of Afghanistan said in a statement on Saturday that the issuance of the GL by the United States will facilitate wider business activities in the country. Thus, Afghanistan will be able to do business with all countries, adding that all private banks will be able to continue their activities with world banks as in the past.

According to the bank, under this license, all restrictions on private banks in the field of transactions have been lifted.

According to a statement from the central bank, the license also provides facilities for private companies and institutions working with Afghan government departments to pay customs, taxes and other expenses.

Transactions licensed by the United States include public, private, and commercial banking, infrastructure development and maintenance, commercial transactions, transportation system maintenance, and telecommunications transactions.

The US Treasury Department authorizes transactions with ministries that provide public services and are not affiliated with government officials.

The US Treasury Department has announced that the permit was issued to demonstrate US commitment to supporting the Afghan people.

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