MoF: Appreciate the US Treasury Department’s action in Issuing General License No. 20 

KABUL(BNA) Ministry of Finance of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan released a statement acknowledging the Treasury Department of US issuing General License No. 20.

The statement notifying, “Following efforts and bilateral negotiations amongst Ministries of Finance and Foreign Affairs, as well as the Central Bank of Afghanistan with US Treasury Department, on February 25, 2022, general License No. 20 to facilitate development, trade and banking activities . “Its issued to Afghanistan.”

The inclusion of this license as folllowing

– Interaction and cooperation with all government departments,

– Implementation of development projects (out of budget) for institutions, international development organizations and partner countries involved in the maintenance and development of infrastructure in the sectors of roadways and air transportion, highways, water supply, electricity, energy, and other public activities,

– Payment of taxes, customs duties, service fees, license fees to government departments that remove obstacles to the activities of foreign and domestic donors and investments,

– Bank transfers from all countries to Afghanistan and vice versa,

– Trade transactions including import to Afghanistan and export abroad,

– Financial and technical services to strengthen economic activities in Afghanistan:

– License for postal services, parcels and electronic calls.

At the end of the statement, Ministry of Finance of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan appreciated the action of the US Treasury Department (Ministery of Finance) and called it a positive change.

The ministry also expressed hope that the United States would provide more facilities, lift all sanctions, and release frozen funds of Da Afghanistan Bank.

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