IEA to develop charter of economy: deputy minister

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will develop a charter of national economy in the coming months, its deputy minister of economy has said.
The charter would involve a single, independent economic policy based on the national interests and it would focus on the economic development of the country, Abdul Latif Nazari, told Ariana News.
With the charter, coordination among ministries and institutions in the sector of economy is expected to improve, according to the official who said the charter also aims to prevent corruption.
Nazari said that the Afghan people are in need of humanitarian assistance considering mass poverty.
“Many humanitarian organizations are open to engagement with the Islamic Emirate. We also have our plan for attracting aid. We have daily meetings and talks with them so that we could put an end to the suffering of the Afghan people. Humanitarian assistance is increasing day by day,” Nazari said.
Experts also said that Afghanistan would come out of the current crisis if practical steps are taken responsibly.
“I believe that we could restore our economy within a few months and come out of the current crisis,” said Mohammad Baz Ghairat, a political expert.
The United Nations has repeatedly warned that the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is worsening and has urged countries to provide funding.The post IEA to develop charter of economy: deputy minister first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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