ISKP Has 40,000 Fighters: UN Reports

Kabul – The Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP) currently has 40,000 fighters, DW Urdu reported, quoting the UN.

DW quoted a UN report as saying that the group has 2,000 foreigner militants.

According to DW cited the UN’s report, most ISKP fighters have been released from prisons during the collapse of Kabul, and therefore the threat of terrorism in Afghanistan is increasing.

As stated by DW Urdu, the present governors of Kabul are trying to impose their ideology on the people of Afghanistan; however, they are not doing anything to solve the problems of the people, and the continuation of this situation will strengthen terrorism.

The media reports that the UN Security Council has appointed a team to monitor sanctions against Al-Qaeda and ISKP.

Meanwhile, the remarks came as the British director of intelligence told The Daily Mail that Afghanistan could become a magnet for British extremists, expressing concern that the country is in danger of becoming a breeding ground for terrorism.

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