Russia to Deploy Troops to Eastern Ukraine

Kabul – The parliament of Russia has agreed to a request from Vladimir Putin to send troops to two separatist-controlled areas in eastern Ukraine; therefore, the Russian troops are deployed in the region for a mission called “peacekeepers”.

The members of Russia’s parliament voted in favor of Putin’s request for a troop deployment in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions on Tuesday, February 22.

The measure reportedly took place after Moscow recognized the independence of Ukraine’s breakaway regions on Monday, February 21.

The chairman of Russian Parliament before the vote said, “by verifying the use of the armed forces abroad, we assume they will be peacekeepers, and they are trained to maintain peace and stability in the (self-proclaimed eastern Ukrainian) republics.”

In addition, Reuters reported that when lawmakers gathered to discuss this scheme, the Kremlin announced Putin had ratified friendship agreements with two Moscow-backed separatist Ukrainian republics.

In the meantime, Russia believes this step will allow it to build military bases there, deploy troops, agree on a common defense position, and strengthen economic integration.

Meanwhile, the measure comes amid a crisis over Russia’s massive military deployment near Ukraine.

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