FM Muttaqi Meets UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA) The meeting focuses on economic and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, the positive developments that have taken place, the banking sector, the achievements of the new government and humanitarian assistance.
“The situation in Afghanistan has improved and the level of grievances has been greatly reduced since past, the situation is improving and our coordination with the new government has increased,” she said.
At the same time, Exenllency Muttaqi thanked Ms. Lyons for understanding the current situation in Afghanistan and the new Islamic government’s approach, and hoped that the new government’s plans would be implemented. The overall situation of the country will develop fully and the needs of the people will be met. “Because our country is landlocked, our imports are high, the sanctions have hurt the people rather than the government, and traders cannot trade easily,” Muttaqi said, He was referring to recent remarks by the UN Secretary-General, who expressed concern about the growing threat and reintegration of terrorist groups in Afghanistan. Muttaqi added: “Afghans see such statements as alarming, provocative and immediately incitement to destructive groups and similar campaigns.”
According to him, the Islamic Emirate does not allow anyone to use Afghanistan’s soil to the detriment of anyone.
Ms. Lyons promised that at the next Security Council meeting, she would truly share with the world the achievements, positive developments and realities of the new ruling government.

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