Turkey Green Light: Afghanistan Saffron Export to European Markets

KABUL (BNA) Mawlana Noor Ahmad Islam Jar, the Governor of Herat, said in a meeting with the Turkish consul in Herat that marketing Afghan-produced saffron in Turkey and through European markets is very important for Afghanistan’s economic growth and for the saffron farmers.

Herat Afghanistan is currently the world spearhead in standings of production capacity and quality of saffron.

At the request of the Governor of Herat to facilitate the export of Afghanistan’s saffron to the markets of that country and Europe, the Turkish consul said that his country is ready to do so for the growth of the Afghanistan’s economy.

Senan Elham, the Turkish Consul in Herat, promised during the meeting that his country in a specific way would export Afghanistan’s saffron to Turkish markets and through it to European.

During the meeting, the two sides decided that the trade officials of the two countries will work on how to export Afghanistan’s saffron to Turkey and through Turkey to European countries.

With the decrease in the export of Afghanistan goods to the regional and world markets, saffron, one of the products of Afghanistan, was not safe from harm.

But experts believe that with the start of Afghanistan’s saffron exports to Turkey and from there to European countries, both saffron growers, traders, and the government will be benefited.

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