Nimruz COVID-19 Hospital’s Staff Haven’t Paid for 7 Months

Kabul – The authorities at the COVID-19 Hospital in Zaranj, the capital city of Nimruz province, say they have not paid staff at the hospital for seven months.

According to the authorities of the hospital, they will close the hospital’s gates to patients if they do not observe their problems.

“They have not paid the staff at the hospital for several months. There are no facilities to treat COVID-19 patients at the hospital in the province,” said an official at Nimruz hospital, who did not mention his name. “For seven months, we have not paid staff, there is no donor or any contractors, and the Ministry of Public Health doesn’t care either. We are confronting many problems. If the authorities do not pay attention, we will close the hospital next month.”

However, Nimruz COVID-19 Hospital has 19 beds and there are no patients at the hospital because of the lack of medical supplies.

Meanwhile, according to published statistics, the vulnerability of coronavirus in Nimruz province is increasing.

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