Kabul Central Silo resumes operations after 30-year hiatus

Afghanistan’s state-owned bread factory, Silo-e-Markazi or central silo, which is located in Kabul, has been reactivated and resumed production on Sunday, after a hiatus of thirty years.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) officials said on Monday that the silo will produce 1,000 naan breads and 200 Afghan roht per day.
“The Central Silo was established 65 year ago, and 2,000 people were employed here. Now 138 people, including 12 women, are working here,” said Khyal Muhammad Mayar, head of the silo.
“After hectic efforts we have reactivated the Silo-e-Markazi to resume production and for the first time over the past 30 years it begun baking breads and cakes,” Mayar said.
Silo officials said that they will expand production if government supports them, especially with equipment.
“We have the ability to work. Our machines are old, but we can work with the equipment. We can also find markets,” said Zakar Rasouli, an engineer at the silo.
Employees also said that a lot of the equipment needs to be repaired.
“I have been working here, for the past 40 years. We have a high capacity. It is important to start work here. We can earn people’s trust,” said Shah Wali Omari, an employee.
According to silo officials, Kandahar and Herat silos, which have also been dormant for years, will resume production in the near future.The post Kabul Central Silo resumes operations after 30-year hiatus first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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