International Rescue Committee: West Plans to impose Famine on Afghanistan

KABUL (BNA)The International Resuce Committee accused West of pursuing a policy of famine in Afghanistan. David Miliband, executive director of the International Rescue Committee, says the West has inflicted catastrophic damage on Afghanistan by imposing a famine policy.

He told the Guardian that the West was trying to paint a picture of a failed regime in Afghanistan.

David Miliband, who is lobbying with the Biden administration and the World Bank for humanitarian aid and Afghanistan’s economic reconstruction, insists that the situation in Afghanistan should not have been allowed to deteriorate so quickly.

According to Miliband, the crisis in Afghanistan is so deep that the UN request for $8 billion this year is likely to increase to in bouble by next year.

According to him, what the West is doing now does not worsen the situation of the current Afghanistan government, but worsens the situation of the Afghan people, and it is the Afghan people who are paying the price for the West’s plans because the West is pursuing a policy of hunger against Afghanistan. And this is a very cruel choice.

Miliband also said that there is currently no money to pay staff salaries and that most of the teachers and hospital staff have not been paid since April last year.

He added that US sanctions had affected trade routs in Afghanistan and that the problem remained. “Therefore, there is no capital to support the banking system,” said the head of the International Rescue Committee, adding that the sanctions also created a liquidity crisis. Hence no one can lend or pay for imports. Finally, there is no specialist in the Central Bank of Afghanistan, and with US sanctions, all these pressures in Afghanistan have become economically frozen.

He did not consider humanitarian aid a solution to the crisis and stressed that the economic infrastructure should be strengthened.

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