Weapons Left by US Military in Afghanistan Found in Kashmir: Indian Army

A senior Indian Army officer, says that high-tech weapons and night-vision gadgets left behind by the US troops in Afghanistan have made their way into the hands of terrorists in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (Pok), who are trying to infiltrate into India.

In interview to ThePrint, Major General Ajay Chandpuria, said on Saturday that the weapons were left behind by terrorists trying to infiltrate Indian-administered Kashmir.

He emphasized that the weapons were US military equipment used in Afghanistan.

US forces reportedly left more than $83 billion worth of modern equipment in Afghanistan. “ everyone has seen media reports which said that when the Americans left Afghanistan, there were more than 600,000 modern small arms left behind and several hundred thousand pieces of night-vision equipment,” Chandpuria said.

The Indian military officer has expressed concern that advanced weapons left behind by US troops in Afghanistan could reach Kashmir via Pakistan.

He further stated “the number of properly trained terrorists comes from 150 to 200. 40 to 45 percent of them are present in the Kashmir valley even now.”

Asked about apprehension that Pakistan-backed terrorists who fought in Afghanistan could be diverted to Kashmir by the Pakistani Army, Major General Chandpuria said it is a serious possibility.

He added that there are a number of terrorist groups which were fighting US-led coalition forces in Afghanistan.

“In addition, we have got inputs that in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, there are reports of Afghan-speaking people. Hundreds of Afghan SIM cards have been reported to be active in places where the Indian-controlled border is in Kashmir,” he noted.

India has announced the discovery of US weapons in Kashmir, raising concerns that terrorist groups could obtain them.



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