Scholars says no one needs to travel abroad for religious studies

Nangarhar scholars and officials say there are good religious scholars and Madrasas in Afghanistan and there is no need for Afghans to go abroad for religious studies.
Religious scholars on Saturday attended graduation events of students at private schools.
As part of the government’s efforts to establish religious schools, a series of examinations for primary and secondary school graduates have been launched in Nangarhar under the auspices of the Department of Education. Government officials say 215 people, including women, took the test, which lasted six days.
Religious professors and scholars say that many schools have been built in the country recently and are approaching self-sufficiency in this regard, adding that there are strong religious scholars and schools in Afghanistan and there is no need for anyone to study abroad.
“All over Afghanistan, we have Ulema; people come from outside and meet with them and even invite them to India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, where our Ulema share their knowledge,” Sheikh al-Hadith Nawid Ahmad Kakar, the head of a religious school said.
Participants are happy to take the exam and call on the Islamic Emirate (IE) to pay more attention to religious schools.
“The exam process is very transparent and smooth,” said Firoz Khan, a student.
“Our request to the Islamic Emirate is to pay attention to Madrasas as they have paid attention to schools and universities, so that people do not go abroad,” said Mohammadagul, another participant.
However, there are still a large number of students studying religious sciences in Pakistan and other countries. However there have been calls for government to improve the standard of education so that students can study at home and not abroad.The post Scholars says no one needs to travel abroad for religious studies first appeared on Ariana News.

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