Pneumonia runs rampant through Afghanistan

In the last 45 days, more than four hundred people have died of pneumonia across the country, officials said adding that most of them were children.
The Ministry of Public Health says that during this period, nearly 190,000 people contracted pneumonia across the country.
According to health officials, the highest number of cases were in Kabul, Nangarhar and Balkh provinces.
According to the ministry:
• In 2020, more than 900,000 people were infected and 1,700 people died
• In 2021 more than 944,000 people were infected and 1,900 died
• In 2022, more than 188,000 people have so far been infected while 436 people have died
The highest number of infections recorded this year so far have been in Balkh with 23,075 cases, then Kabul with 20,990 and Nangarhar with 14,560.
Nangarhar recorded the most deaths from pneumonia with 88 cases, Balkh with 75 cases and Kabul with 45.
Extreme cold, a lack of fuel to heat homes, limited access to health care and hospitals is behind the rising case load officials said.
A large percentage of fatalities however have been children.
“In the last two months, many patients have been referred to the hospital and hospitalized here; we try to treat them right until the end,” said Haseb Ahmadzai Wardak, head of Indira Gandhi Children Hospital in Kabul.
Historically, one-fifth of all children under the age of five who have died succumbed to pneumonia.The post Pneumonia runs rampant through Afghanistan first appeared on Ariana News.

Source: Ariana News

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