Kabul’s Municipality Launches Nationwide Seedling’s Plantation Campaign

Kabul (BNA) Mawlaw Abdul Rashid, mayor of Kabul, started planting in the Bi Bi Mehroo (Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan) area today by planting saplings.

During plantation, Mawlawi Esmatullah Aseem, Deputy Mayor of Kabul, talked about the importance and value of saplings and the development of green space from the perspective of Islam.

He said that the existence of green spaces in the city is insufficient and called starts of the planting of saplings as a good opportunity for the citizens of Kabul to make the city greener.

The Deputy Mayor of Kabul assured of fruitful efforts of the administration of Kabul Municipality for the greenery of the city and mentioned that citizens of Kabul should plant their seedlings in front of their property, do their responsibility as citizens, and cooperate with the greenery of their city.

He added: “We are in contact with different sections of society, especially national businessmen, to cooperate with us in preparing more seedlings;” According to him, the grown seedlings of the Kabul Municipality Greenery Department are not enough to expand the greenery of the city.

Meanwhile, Kabul Municipality spokesperson Nematullah Barakzai told BNA that Kabul Municipality plans to plant about 200,000 saplings of various kinds, including 120,000 saplings and trees and another 80,000 ornamental flowers and bushes a year which well be planted in the future in Kabul.

He called on national entrepreneurs and traders who are able to afford seedlings to take part in the plantation, and the Kabul municipality will provide them with specific locations.

Likewise, the Kabul’s Municipality, in addition to preparing thousands of different seedlings plant, there are also plans to irrigate and grow the city’s seedlings and trees so that Kabul can become a blooming green city.

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