Female Judges in Exile Fear Retaliation

Kabul – According to The Guardian, some female judges living in Australia express concerns over their safety, saying that they fear retaliation.

Fifteen female judges and their families, numbering up to 70, are currently resettled in Australia, according to the report.

One of the female judges said that thousands of prisoners, including drug traffickers, criminals, and other dangerous people, have been released since the takeover of Afghanistan by the current rulers, adding that they are seeking revenge.

“Everything we worked for, everything we had, was lost,” said Attai, one of the judges based in Australia. “My house, my family, my job, my life, and my savings were finished in less than an hour.”

However, the Australian Ministry of the Interior has said that at least 3,000 places have been set aside for the resettlement of Afghan citizens, including Afghan women judges.

Meanwhile, the Australian Government has recently announced that it will consider relocating about 15,000 Afghans over the next four years.

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