Turkish Humanitarian Aid Foundation Assists to Addict’s Hospital

KABUL (BNA) Turkish Humanitarian Aid Foundation donated medicine, spices and cleaner supplies to a 250-Baster hospital in Kabul.According to BNA, Officials at the 250-Bastar addicts’ hospital say the assistance followed request from the Turkish embassy and charities.

Bolner Yelderem, said at the time of handing medicines and cleaner supplies to the 250-bastar addicts’ hospital, the head of the Turkish Humanitarian Aid Foundation said that Afghanistan has strategic importance in the fight against addiction and narcotics, and the country’s success in the fight against narcotics was a global agreement. It is considered an arena.

According to Bolner Yelderem, the fight against drugs is not Afghanistan’s sole responsibility, It is an international responsibility.

He called on the international community and international organizations to cooperate with Afghanistan in the fight against addiction and drugs.

On the other hand, Aman Manaf, Deputy Minister of the Turkish Embassy in Kabul, said that his country is committed to continuing cooperation with the government and people of Afghanistan.

He added that the first consignment of Turkish humanitarian aid has been transferred to Afghanistan and two more consignments of aid is transfering to Afghanistan in the coming days.

Meanwhile, Dr. Zalmai Noorzai, director of the 250-bastar addicts’ hospital, thanked the Turkish government and charities for their help and said that the donations would be used for being welfare of the addicts. Enumerating the problems and needs of the 250-baster addicts’hospital, Dr. Noorzai said he hoped that the process of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan’s hospitals and health institutions would continue.

The Ministry of Public Health has started the process of collecting addicts, But officials at Kabul Addiction Hospitals say they need more funding and facilities to treat addicts.

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