Drug Trafficking From Afghanistan Increases by 69%, States Tajikistan

The Tajik government has stated that instability in Afghanistan has boosted the drug market. Drug trafficking has increased by approximately 69 percent since 2021, officials said. Insecurity in Afghanistan exacerbates the problem of drug trafficking, Tajik media reported, citing Tajik authorities.

The Tass News Agency quoted Habibaullah Vahidzada, head of Tajikistan’s Drug Control Agency, as saying on February 17 the country’s law enforcement agencies had seized four tonnes of narcotics.

The Tajik official said; heroin and Hashish trafficking doubled in the New Year. Head of Tajikistan’s Drug Control Agency has called for global support to combat a new wave of trafficking stemming from Afghanistan’s growing situation.

Vahidzada added that as the condition in Afghanistan changes, the country will increase its control over border areas against drug trafficking and illegal weapons. Recently, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said the increase in opium prices after August 2021 has developed the stimuli to grow the crop in Afghanistan.


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