Juma Sells His Four Daughters for 42,000 Afghanis because of Poverty

A family in Sar-e-Pul province has sold its four daughters because of starvation. Juma is a living in the Nawaki village in Sar-e-Pul province. He is about sixty years old and lives in a gloomy place with his partner and three children. Talking to Hasht-e Subh on Friday, he said that because of poverty and starvation; he had sold his four babies, all of whom were girls. The family guardian sells their babies to make the basic supplies required by other family members. Juma is involved in the harsh construction industry, but this cannot support his family. When I spoke to him, I discovered that every year his partner has given birth to a child in the last four years; he has sold him for a small amount of capital in the first ten days and purchased flour and oil. “I had a three-day old daughter. I sold her for 11,000 afghanis, Juma told. “I sold another daughter for 12,000AF. I sold my third daughter for 9,000AF and my fourth daughter for 10,000AF.”

During an interview with Juma, I recognized his wife was pensive. I tried to talk to her too, but I failed. I asked Juma how his wife was doing. He said his wife has become psychologically ill after selling her children. My wife usually leaves the home, Juma continued. Sometimes I look outside for her, and get her back home. Although Juma’s wife does not talk to anybody, tears well up in her eyes when she hears about her children.

Meanwhile, Seyed Hassan Hossaini, a neighbor of Juma, claimed that the adult man was in a challenging position and needed urgent help to cure his wife and arrange food for his family of five. “Juma is an adult man who is in a poor economic condition and has been forced to sell his four children,” Hossaini added. “This has caused his wife to become psychologically ill. Juma called on the power and aid agencies to help him and his family.”

Since the collapse of the former administration, there have been many reports of child trafficking in many territories. Ever since, poverty and unemployment have also escalated to an uncommon stage in the country.



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