Economic woes, US to shut Afghan embassy in Washington

US Department of State in an official letter to Afghanistan’s embassy in the country said that the continuation of the activities of the embassy will be impossible due to economic woes.

A copy of the letter read by BBC reviews that the embassy in Washington and Afghan consulates in New York and Los Angles are asked to shut their doors and stop operations.

The US embassy has said, envoy of the former Afghan government Adela Raz can solely continue her job but the rest of the diplomats should leave, the suggestion that has been refused by the ambassadress.

Adela Raz steps down from his post.

In response to the letter of the State Department, Afghanistan’s embassy asked the US government to release the embassy’s assets in City Bank and let the diplomatic agencies continue operation.

Furthermore, the embassy has also asked that the flag of Afghanistan be allowed to hoist in the embassy and other consulates.

The US is apparently the first country that closes diplomatic agencies of Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover since August 15 last year.

The destiny of Afghanistan’s embassies has been one of the most controversial issues since the power transformation in the country.

Many ambassadors have said that they do not represent the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan that is yet to be recognized.

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